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Chair Christopher Saunders
Treasurer Rachel McKenna
Secretary Tristram Baumber
Directors : Melissa Woodward, Barney Langford, Samantha Willcox,
Connie Plesko, Bree Harvey-Bice, Amy Hardingham

Christopher Saunders – Chair
Christopher is the General Manager of Renew Newcastle. A highly experienced Arts Manager and Producer, Christopher was Creative Producer with leading arts and social change company BighArt for 20 years.

Rachel McKenna - Treasuer, Director, Finance Sub-Committee
Rachel is a Provisional Chartered Accountant, holding a B. Commerce. Rachel is a dynamo events organiser and fundraiser.

Barney Langford - Director
Barney founded Tantrum (back then called 2 til 5) in 1976. He is now a Councillor on Lake Macquarie City Council, and PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle. For many years, Barney was the Coordinator of The Loft Youth Arts and Cultural Centre Newcastle.

Melissa Woodward – Director, Finance Sub-Committee
Melissa is a Chartered Accountant specialising in not-for-profits, and holds a B. Commerce. Melissa is heavily involved with a range of charities and humanitarian work.

Samantha Wilcox – Director
Samantha is the Manager of Public Programs at Newcastle Museum/ City of Newcastle. Samantha has a background in strategic communications, event and program management, and community education.

Connie Plesko – Director
Connie is the Learning and Development Project Officer at Lake Macquarie City Council. Connie highly skilled facilitator with a talent for creating and delivering dynamic learning programs and a passion for exploring new ideas and concepts and enabling people through development and collaboration.

Bree Harvey-Bice - Director
Bree is the Deputy Principal of the Hunter School of Performing Arts, and is a Tantrum alumni from 2 til 5 days as well as a Tantrum parent. She is highly experienced in education, leadership and management.

Amy Hardingham - Artistic Director