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Chair Samantha Willcox
Treasurer Rachel McKenna
Secretary Bree Harvey-Bice
Directors : Salley Ebert, Jorjia Gillis, Dr Kris Kafer, Barney Langford, Lucy Shepherd, Melanie Smith, Megan West

Rachel McKenna - Treasurer, Director, Finance Sub-Committee
Rachel is a Provisional Chartered Accountant, holding a B. Commerce. Rachel is a dynamo events organiser and fundraiser.

Barney Langford - Director
Barney founded Tantrum (back then called 2 til 5) in 1976. He is now a Councillor on Lake Macquarie City Council, and PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle. For many years, Barney was the Coordinator of The Loft Youth Arts and Cultural Centre Newcastle.

Samantha Wilcox – Chair, Director
Samantha is the Events Team Coordinator at Newcastle City Council. Samantha has a background in strategic communications, event and program management, and community education.

Bree Harvey-Bice - Secretary, Director
Bree is the Deputy Principal of the Hunter School of Performing Arts, and is a Tantrum alumni from 2 til 5 days as well as a Tantrum parent. She is highly experienced in education, leadership and management.

Melanie Smith - Director
Melanie is in-house Lawyer at Lake Macquarie City Council. She holds degrees in law and communications. Melanie is a passionate supporter of local theatre and performing arts and has extensive experience in advocacy, negotiation and leadership.

Sally Ebert - Director
Sally has over 20 years experience working in Performing and Fine Arts administration, in roles such as General Manager, Business Manager, Company Manager, Ticketing Manager and Administrator both here in Australia and in Ireland.

Jorjia Gillis - Director
Jorjia Gillis is a descendant of the Budawang people from the Yuin nation, raised on Awabakal land (Newcastle) and is a Graduate of the University of New England (2015) and the Academy of Film Theatre & Television (2012) and a proud 2 Til 5 Alumni (Tantrum). As a Sydney based performer and theatre maker Jorjia has worked on a number of theatre and TV productions. Jorjia is currently the Program Coordinator at Playwriting Australia.

Dr Kris Kafer - Director
Dr Kris Kafer is a Clinical Psychologist with 20 years of experience working with youth, developing programs for the Black Dog Institute as well as holding the position of Conjoint Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle.

Megan West - Director
Megan is a highly experienced drama teacher at Callaghan College. With a career that began in Youth Theatre in Sydney, Megan continues her involvement with Tantrum as a parent. She is also a passionate advocate for young people’s engagement in the arts.

Lucy Shepherd - Artistic Director
Lucy completed a BA in Creative Arts in 2006 and received Honors in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of New South Wales in 2009. She received contemporary performing arts training with PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, and has undergone acting and directing training at ATYP and NIDA. Lucy is a co-founder of Newcastle’s professional, contemporary performance collective, ‘Paper Cut’ and has collaboratively devised, performed and produced: The Past is a Foreign Country, Spent, Be My Friend, No One Cares About Your Cat and Hello, Stranger. Lucy is a sessional academic at Newcastle University in Creative and Performing Arts.