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Hissyfest 2014 at the Civic Playhouse

Friday 7th November, 7pm
Saturday 8th November, 2pm & 7pm
The Civic Playhouse, Hunter Street Newcastle

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Hissyfest is Tantrum's dynamic and diverse festival of original ten-minute plays. Hissyfest 2014 features ten new plays written by ten outstanding writers, directed by some of Newcastle's hottest emerging directors, and performed by thirty of the region's most talented actors. Whether you are into drama, comedy or absurdism, there's something for everyone in Hissyfest 2014.

Resistance Is Futile
by Lisa Chamberlain and Gabriella Stevens
Directed by John Wood
Starring Gabriella Stevens and Duncan Gordon
“What would you do if your wildest fantasy came true? Well this girl is about to find out.”

Fruit and Nuts

by Michael Lill
Directed by Lisa Chamberlain
Starring: Megan Kennedy
“Out of desperation, Sarah is making a video in the hope of finding herself a partner. Will her honesty unearth the man of her dreams or drive him further underground?”

Ones and Zeros
by James Chapman
Directed by Belinda Hodgson
Starring: James Chapman, Jackson Vaughn, Clare Spitzkowsky, Andrew Rogers
“Panda sex, monkey poo, drug addicts and office romances.
Surely a dead end job that involves all these can’t be that bad? Actually, it can.”

Learning Curve
by Sally Davies
Directed by Craig Lindeman
Starring: Kaysia Dowie and Chris Briggs
"A Clag-fuelled teen's escapades at a prestigious high school, necessitate a meeting between his mother and the Principal to "discuss his behaviour". Or is there another agenda at play?"

The Cod Fish
by Joel Burrows
Directed by John Wood
Starring: Carl Young, James Chapman, Britt Ferry, Scott Eveleigh, Belinda Hodgson, Glen Waterhouse and Megan Kennedy
“When a team of scientist’s new experiment goes horribly wrong, the world is left in ruins
and the surviving scientists are left to repopulate the earth”

Ella And Louis
by Olivia Satchel
Directed by James Chapman
Starring: Britt Ferry and Marjorie Butcher
"Ella and Jacqueline wait outside the school councillors office and ponder the meaning of existence, the travel habits of drug addicts and the different methods of attracting the opposite sex."

Beating Around The Bush
by Nicola Fraietta
Directed by Nicola Fraietta
Starring: Michael Andrews & Jessie Lancaster
“When two young people get lost alone in the bush, they must put aside their differences to try and survive.”

Girl (Eats) Boy
by Carissa Licciardello
Directed by David Smith
Starring: Andrew Rogers and Alyssa Wilkinson
“Girl (Eats) Boy explores the ins and outs of our current dating culture
and what happens when two world weary people meet each other.”

My Own Worst Enemy
by Alex Giles
Directed by Clare Spitzkowsky
Starring: Jackson Vaughn, Belinda Hodgson, Anastasia Squair and Lachlan Bartlett
“In a world of “instagram” and “Tinder”, there is only one person you can rely on to tell you the truth: yourself”

With Ruby
by Didem Caia
Directed by Amy Morris
Starring: Taylah Crouch and Elise Bialek
“After a tragic incident, Ruby and Stella examine life and death and try to make sense of it all.”