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Hissyfest 2014 at the Civic Playhouse

Hissyfest 2016

Civic Playhouse, 18-19 November, 2016
Tantrum’s annual short play festival

Have you ever felt out of place?
Felt different to the people around you?
Wondered what it might be like if you
were somewhere, or someone, else?

Hissyfest is a dynamic and diverse festival of original ten-minute plays. This year, Hissyfest is themed ‘Out of Place’, and investigates the different mental, emotional and physical aspects of being or feeling out of place in an entertaining evening of comedy, drama and the absurd.

Coordinated by emerging producer James Chapman, this year's festival has offered instructive workshops in acting and short play writing - and, for the first time, successful directors also engaged in a collaborative workshop to learn, share and develop strategies for working closely with a text, getting the best out of actors and making effective staging choices.

Hissyfest is an inclusive and accessible program for both our artists and our audiences, and an important part of Tantrum's annual program as it promotes new writing in a region where new plays are almost never seen.

// Please note these workshops have now already taken place //

The Writing Workshop
2-5pm, August 20

Newcastle Community Arts Centre

Sometimes it can be hard to get past that pesky writers' block. Push the distractions aside and bring your script (finished or unfinished) to a 3 hour play-writing workshop led by Tristram Baumber, a Newcastle-based comedy writer and director who has written for ABC TV's "Timothy" and "Wednesday Night Fever" and has had comedy plays performed in several Short+Sweet festivals. He also makes himself write every single day (so he tells us). Writers' block? Never heard of it.

The Directing Workshop
6-9pm, September 14

Newcastle Community Arts Centre

Wouldn't it be great if actors portrayed a script exactly the way you, the director, wanted - without you even having to find the words? Sometimes you'll get lucky - the rest of the time, you'll need the skills to know how to get the best out of your script, your actors and the stage you're working with. This collaborative workshop with compulsively profilic theatre director and producer Amy Hardingham (Outback Theatre for Young People, Australian Theatre for Young People, Tantrum Youth Arts), for the first time run exclusively for successful Hissyfest directors, will allow new and emerging directors to learn, share and develop the skills necessary to get the Hissyfest plays to the stage.

The Acting Workshop
2-5pm, September 17

Newcastle Community Arts Centre

Acting is hard. We know that. Lucy Shepherd knows that. She's here to help. Lucy has a BA in Creative Arts (Honours) and performance training with UNSW, PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, ATYP, NIDA and more. She is also a co-founder of performance collective Paper Cut, and and has collaboratively devised, performed and produced: The Past is a Foreign Country, Spent, Be My Friend, No One Cares About Your Cat and Hello, Stranger. So, basically, she really knows how to act. Steal a few of her skills and tricks and use them in your auditions for Hissyfest the following week on September 25! You beauty! Just bring along the monologue you are preparing to perform at the Hissyfest auditions to use in the workshop.

(These workshops are subsidised the Catalyst - Australian Arts and Culture Fund & ArtsNSW)