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Hissyfest 2017 at the Civic Playhouse

Hissyfest 2017

Civic Playhouse, 10 - 11 November, 2017
Tantrum’s annual short play festival

Imagine: A warm summer day at the beach, the heat of an arid desert,
the sensation of walking through a steaming jungle.
Picture: the frigid conditions of a mountain top, the snow falling around you in the arctic tundra,
the icy chill of swimming in the deep ocean.
Warm or cool? Fire or Ice? Hot or Cold? The choice is yours.

Hissyfest is a dynamic and diverse festival of original ten-minute plays.
This year, Hissyfest is themed ‘Hot & Cold’, and promotes new writing exploring the dichotomy of the two stimuli for an entertaining evening of comedy, drama and the absurd.
The festival content is developed through instructive and collaborative workshops in acting, writing and directing.

Hissyfest is an inclusive and accessible program for both our artists and our audiences, and an important part of Tantrum's annual program as it promotes new writing in a region where new plays are almost never seen.

Keep and eye on our facebook page for updates to get involved!