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Hissyfest 2014 at the Civic Playhouse

No one cares about your cat. No one cares what you made for dinner.
No one cares that you’re up at 5am. No one cares that you’re lonely.

In this age of increasingly novel and addictive social technologies we are more networked than ever, yet we’ve never felt more alone. Constantly engaged in curating the exhibition of the self, we are accused of being self-absorbed, anti-social and narcissistic. But is it the medium, or is it us?

In this bold and playful new work, some of Tantrum’s most exciting emerging artists team up with contemporary performance collective Paper Cut to ask difficult questions and explore searingly honest narratives of our digital social lives.

"Contemporary. Relevant. Funny. Touching. Brilliant performances. Technically amazing. The kind of theatre we need more of."
".... engaging and innovative but substantial and uplifting. My favourite thing I've seen all year."
"Technically outstanding and a truly important and thought provoking performance."
"Intelligent. Relevant. Original. Completely devoid of ego. I loved it."
"Honest. Endearing. Captivating."
" of the best original productions I have seen in the playhouse"

The No One Cares About Your Cat season has now finished. It showed at the following locations:
The Civic Playhouse, Newcastle
16 September - 19 September
ATYP, Studio One, The Wharf Sydney
30 September - 3 October
Crack Theatre Festival, Newcastle
4 October