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Periphery - Wyong

Periphery 2016

You see them everyday, those people and places just in the corner of your eye. You might seem them on a bus to work, or having coffee in Long Jetty, they might be shopping at Westfield, or riding the carousel at the Entrance. Wherever you see them, they probably see you.It’s about the “extras” in your life. Those people and places we’ve come accustomed to seeing as part of our daily lives on the Central Coast. We don’t know their names, but these might just be their stories.

Periphery is a new work presented by Wyong Shire Council and developed by Joshua Maxwell and Tantrum Youth Arts, in collaboration with the region's young and emerging Theatre Makers.

The performance will be launched Friday 17 June at The Art House, and will bring together short plays written by locals, verbatim excerpts from local heroes, short video interviews, and musical interludes locally composed and performed.

Performances – Friday 17 June 11am & 7pm, Saturday 18 June 7pm, at The Art House, Wyong.

Wyong Art HouseTantrum Youth Arts