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The One

Tantrum X: The Performance

X marks the spot
X an indescribable quality
X an unknown quantity
X extra, in addition to, more

Following a semester of additional performance training, join the Tantrum X semester one participants for an extraordinary performance evening at Tantrum Studio.

Date: Friday 6th July 2018
Time: 6pm
Cost: $10 (concession / members*) / $15 (adult)
Venue: Tantrum Studio

*To find how to become a Tantrum Member click here.

Get Involved

Tantrum X is an extension from our after-school workshop program, specifically designed for those wanting an extra challenge, and wanting to push their performance skills to the next level. Interested participants must be current workshop participants, and fill out a short application form. For more information about Tantrum X visit our workshops page.

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