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The Shake Up Tantrum Youth Arts

The Shake Up

If push came to shove and things were shaken up, what’s precious to you and what could you do without?

As Tantrum’s BIG project in 2019, The Shake Up will use the 30th anniversary of the 1989 earthquake as a platform for exploring moments of change in Newcastle’s past to prepare for what the future might hold.

The Shake Up will bring together young people, emerging artists, industry professionals and locals to deliver a monumental event from 22-30 June 2019. This will combine performance, live and public art, and community forum to mark the resilience of Novocastrians, while empowering young people to have the same grit when dealing with adversity.

Central to the project is a partnership with leading contemporary theatre company Branch Nebula from Sydney. Beyond collaborating on The Shake Up, Branch Nebula will be involved with Tantrum over the next 2 years, helping to grow our capacity to produce creative events that place community members at their heart.

We’re excited to offer a number of opportunities around The Shake Up and Tantrum’s partnership with Branch Nebula.

Get Involved


5 local emerging artists between the ages of 18 and 30 (or within the first 5 years of their creative practice) will have the opportunity to collaborate directly with Mirabelle & Lee from Branch Nebula on The Shake Up. This will involve devising material for the event itself, as well as playfully facilitating the involvement and intervention of community members with a connection to Newcastle’s past or ideas for its future.

We’re looking for local artists who are already on the journey towards developing an independent practice as makers of original work. The Shake Up represents a unique opportunity to experience a socially-engaged creative process where artists and community members can collaborate as equals towards a dynamic event of local relevance.

Expressions of Interest due by 5pm Friday 8 March 2019.



We’re incredibly excited to offer a paid internship in 2019 to a local artist with a proven track record as an independent practitioner and maker in the Hunter region. The intern artist will be mentored in the role of Creative Producer (somewhere between a lead artist and a producer/event planner) on The Shake Up. To find out more about this opportunity head to our Positions page.


Young people have the opportunity to get involved in the making and presentation of The Shake Up throughTantrum X Ensemble.

This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

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