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by Lachlan Philpott

Performance Seasons:
Lake Macquarie Performing Arts Centre, Warners Bay: 7pm, 17-19 September, 2pm & 7pm 20 September. Buy tickets online!
Australian Theatre for Young People, Sydney: 7pm, 1-4 October. Tickets $15 from or phone 02 9270 2400

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Meet Freya Star, new girl. Everyone at her posh new school thinks she's a freak and that's ok with her. Little do they know that Freya has a secret: she’s been chosen by aliens and she's just waiting it out 'til they take her up into the stars where she belongs. But when Freya unexpectedly makes friends with the churchy Cecilia, things get complicated. Will the aliens take Cecilia too?

I watch Cecilia walk through the mall. Wonder why out of all the people scurrying about like ants her and me became friends. What would the occupants of interplanetary craft think if they landed here? Came face to face with the fat girl and kid in the pram, the sleazy security guard flirting in the food court, the masked women on their knees painting toe nails?”

The Chosen is a quirky, clever and other-worldly offering. Featuring an array of space-themed pop songs alongside blistering dialogue, this is a production that promises to be an out-of-this-world theatrical experience!

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