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Trajectory 2017 Tantrum

Trajectory ENSEMBLE

The Trajectory ENSEMBLE for 2017 is a group of emerging artists (18-26yrs, or in the first 5 years of their professional practice) who have auditioned to develop and tour Tantrum’s second major production of the year HOME.

 HOME will be developed under the guidance of Melbourne-based theatre maker Janie Gibson. It will weave a sea of stories from original poetry, found texts, songs, myths, music, interviews with grandparents and rewritten history books, in an eco-biographical exploration of the places we love and how they change. HOME will premiere in Sydney at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists (2-7 October) before returning to Newcastle for a season at The Playhouse (16-21 October). 

The 2017 Trajectory ENSEMBLE members will meet intensively at monthly intervals through April – September to engage in rigorous process-driven performance making workshops led by Janie Gibson, resulting in the rehearsal and production of new contemporary performance work HOME. See dates below.

The 2017 Trajectory ENSEMBLE is a great professional development opportunity for those wishing to build and enhance their skills as performers and contemporary theatre makers.

Janie Gibson, originally from Newcastle, is one of Australia’s most exciting new theatremakers. She has worked and trained internationally in European Ensemble Theatre, Shakespeare and devised theatre and in Australia has created and presented work with Next Wave, Urban Theatre Projects, Performance Space and PACT.

MARCH: Sat 18th Mar, 10-1pm

APRIL:    Thurs 20th -Sat 22nd April, 10am-4pm
 MAY:     Fri 19th - 20th May, 10am-4pm
JUNE:     Fri 23rd – Sat 24th June, 10am-4pm
JULY:       Tues 18th- Fri 21st July, 10am-4pm
AUG:       Fri 18th – Sat 19th Aug, 10am-4pm
SEPT:      Fri 8th – Sat 9th Sept, 10am-4pm

SEPT:      Mon 25th - Fri 29th Sept, 10am-4pm

OCT:       Mon 2nd – Sat 7th Oct, PACT, Sydney
OCT:       Mon 9th –Sun 15th Oct, Civic Playhouse, Newcastle

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