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Lapping the Lake

Created by Janie Gibson and the Tantrum Trajectory Ensemble.

What happens if the place you call home vanishes beneath your feet?
The world you once knew, now gone. “Home” is unfamiliar, strange.
You feel at sea in the very place where you were once completely grounded.

In an intimate performance Tantrum’s Trajectory Ensemble weaves a sea of stories from original poetry, found texts, songs, myths, music, interviews with grandparents and rewritten history books in an eco-biographical exploration of the places we love and how they change.

Beneath the roads, beneath the concrete, under buildings, roads and streets,
deep down into the layers of history, there is a story waiting to be unearthed...

Janie Gibson is an actor, theatre-maker and teaching artist with a background in Eastern European ensemble theatre, Shakespeare performance and devised theatre-making. She believes that stories, in the traditional sense, are like medicine – a way to show us who we are, speak about what is unspoken and offer a pathway towards deeper connection to each other, to nature, to our history and our ancestors. Janie has developed her work internationally with companies such as Song of the Goat (Poland), Shakespeare & Company (U.S.A), Ultimavez (BE), Odra Ensemble (Poland) and in Australia with Next Wave, BYDS, Urban Theatre Projects, Performance space and PACT Theatre. Originally from Newcastle, NSW, HOME is her first new work in her town of origin.

Development: February-September 2017
Production: PACT season 2-7 October 2017 // Playhouse season 16-21 October 2017