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Trajectory 2016 Tantrum

Trajectory RESIDENCY

Tantrum’s Trajectory RESIDENCY is an annual program that provides selected emerging artists or artist groups with space, mentoring and administrative and technical support to undertake the creative development of a new performance work here in Newcastle. The Trajectory RESIDENCY is the perfect opportunity to test and refine ideas, seek feedback and engage in the rigorous process of developing a new work, all with the support of Newcastle’s leading professional youth arts organisation. In 2017 Tantrum has offered 3 residencies as part of the Trajectory program. Our resident artists for 2017 are Alex Travers, Allison Van Gaal and Stephanie Rochet.

Trajectory Triple Bill at CRACK Theatre Festival 2017

As part of the Trajectory Residency Alex, Allison and Stephanie have been given the opportunity to present a development showing of their new work during CRACK Theatre Festival (28 Sept - 1 Oct 2017) in Newcastle.

Alex Travers - Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Ophelia loves a man driven mad. As she sleeps, an alternate landscape filled with desire, child's play and revealing vignettes come to life. See a development showing of Alex Travers' Sleep, Perchance To Dream at CRACK Theatre Festival (28 Sept - 1 Oct 2017) in Newcastle.

Allison Van Gaal - Welcome
A boy in a world that doesn't accept difference. A complex mind searching for connection with people, patterns and community. Who needs to shift? him? Or us? See a development showing of Allison Van Gaal's Welcome at CRACK Theatre Festival (28 Sept - 1 Oct 2017) in Newcastle.

Stephanie Rochet - AMOR
A love story about two Chileans separated by 13,000km. They use the world of technology and instantaneity to make their long distance relationship work.


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