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Central Coast Ghosts

Tantrum Youth Arts presents 
Central Coast Ghosts by Vanessa Bates
Proudly supported by Wyong Shire Council 

Where: The Grove Community and Cultural Hub, Wyong
When: Saturday, 22 November, 2014, 7pm (as part of Wyong Council's youth festival YFest)
Cost: Free

In June, Tantrum Youth Arts, supported by Wyong Shire Council, launched an exciting new project aimed at placing creative young people from Wyong Shire centre stage. After almost 20 weeks of workshopping, developing ideas, writing and rehearsing, the dozen young performers from The Wyong Project are ready to strut their stuff on stage, and will have the opportunity to do so when they perform as part of Wyong Shire Council’s upcoming Youth Festival Yfest on 22 November. 

The cast will be performing in the theatrical premiere of Central Coast Ghosts, a brand new play written especially for them by nationally recognised Newcastle based playwright Vanessa Bates, whose work has been produced throughout Australia and has won many awards including an Australian Writers' Guild Award and the NSW Premiers Literary Award.

So, what's the play about? According to Vanessa, Central Coast Ghosts is “a 40 minute play about ghosts on the coast – and the newcomer who can see them all - new girl Mia, who takes on the challenge of helping the Coast Ghosts reconnect with their lost humans”.  It's a bittersweet storyline contrasted with the wacky, grotesque humour of a wild group of ghostly ghouls, including scaly King Eric and TV Hosts DK Stench and Offal Heap, whose TV show is recorded “live” in front of the audience.

Local young people and theatre-goers will have the chance to catch the premiere of Central Coast Ghosts by Vanessa Bates at Yfest, which takes place at The Grove Community and Cultural Hub, Wyong, on Saturday, 22 November, 2014 at 7pm.