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2017 workshops

As unique and individual as your child, Tantrum Youth Arts offers creative drama workshops that put young people first. Providing skills and structures that allow the exploration and expression of their own ideas, participants engage in a range of performance and theatre making activities. Afternoon workshops are available from Kindergarten to Year 12 (and those recently finished high school), and provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where collaboration and communication skills are learnt, confidence and creativity are fostered, and individuality is celebrated.

Tantrum Youth Arts
 have been offering workshops for over 40 years, allowing countless young people the opportunities to develop important skills whilst experiencing all theatre making and performance has to offer. More than an after-school drama program, Tantrum’s emphasis is to create new theatre work where participants explore a variety of performance modes throughout the year, such as live and recorded performance, scriptwriting, movement, devising, voice, sound, filmmaking, installation, improvisation and more.

2018 Scholarships

Tantrum Youth Arts offers scholarships to families experiencing financial hardship. Our after-school Workshop program helps build key life skills that benefit young people’s ongoing development and provide avenues for them to realise their full potential. Tantrum Youth Arts offers one scholarship position per Workshop, per term. Applicants can only receive one scholarship per year.

To be considered for a term scholarship position, please click below to submit an application form no later than two weeks prior to the term’s commence date, (i.e. to apply for a 2018 Term 1 Scholarship position, please submit you application by 22 January 2018). Applications will be assessed by Tantrum’s Associate Director alongside Tantrum’s Artistic Director and you will be notified prior to the term workshop’s commencement.

Discounts are available for government issued Concession / Health Care Card holders,
as well as for families enrolling more than one participant.

Please contact for more information.

Term 1 Creative Drama Workshops 2018

This term workshop participants will be introduced to the principals of theatre making by exploring the elements:
earth, air, fire, water and the ether.

Suitable for ages Kinder - Year 2
Mondays 4pm - 5pm, 5 February - 9 April 2018
Tantrum Studio, 101 City Road, Merwether (Access and Parking via Allworth Street)
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Tantrum’s Air Force!
Explore the element of air as you go on high altitude adventures and search the atmosphere all while developing fundamental drama skills, building individual confidence, and enhancing social skills by learning how to work in a team. Are you new to drama and keen to give it a go? Perfect! This Monday afternoon workshop is designed for you. Do you like to dress up, become characters, tell stories, move your body, sing, play games and have fun? If your answer is “yes” to any of these, and you have a smile, lots of energy and a big imagination – then the “AIR FORCE” creative drama workshop is for you!
Cost: $176 ($165 Early Bird Special*)
* Use coupon code - EARLYBIRD (Expires 22nd January)

Suitable for ages Year 3 - Year 4
Tuesdays 4pm - 5:30pm, 6 February - 10 April

Tantrum Studio, 101 City Road, Merwether (Access and Parking via Allworth Street)
Get ready for an explosion of energy with Tuesday’s “Ready, Aim, Fire” workshop! Sparks will fly as you learn new ways to think on your feet and enthusiastically improvise hilarious scenes with your new friends! Each week will be filled with fun improvisation and character development activities, as well as team building games that lay foundations for future collaborative theatre making. Encouraging individuality and creativity, the “Ready, Aim, Fire” workshop builds public speaking skills and the confidence of participants as they express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. Get it while it’s hot!
Cost: $198 ($187 Early Bird Special*)
* Use coupon code - EARLYBIRD (Expires 22nd January)

Suitable for ages Year 7 - Year 9
Wednesdays 4pm - 6pm, 7 February - 11 April
Tantrum Studio, 101 City Road, Merwether (Access and Parking via Allworth Street)
Let’s keep it grounded everyone. In this skills based workshop, you’ll learn a variety of practical and useful performance techniques by creating and performing drama and comedy scenes with your friends! Best of all, you get a say in what kind of skills you’d like to learn! Do you want to learn how to master the use of your voice through song, accents and breathing to become a vocal chameleon? Or would you rather learn how to use objects in space and combine movement and puppetry to create visually stunning theatre? The choice and possibilities are yours! Expand your theatrical horizons by coming “DOWN TO EARTH”.
Cost: $242 ($220 Early Bird Special*)
* Use coupon code - EARLYBIRD (Expires 22nd January)

Suitable for ages Year 5 - Year 6
Thursdays 4pm - 5:30pm, 8 February - 12 December

Dive into this Thursday afternoon workshop and make a splash with new friends. In this refreshing class you’ll use your creativity and imagination to develop and explore mysterious underwater worlds that are full of possibility. Be ambitious and create your very own characters, enhanced by designing and making your very own costume or prop for your character out of found materials. Our workshops provide a safe and supportive environment for your creativity and imagination to run wild whilst building important skills such as public speaking. Collaborate, support and encourage your fellow “divers” as you all explore new ways to confidently tell stories, and express yourself.
Cost: $198 ($187 Early Bird Special*)
* Use coupon code - EARLYBIRD (Expires 22nd January)

Performance Studio: THE ETHER
Suitable for ages Year 10 + (Maximum age 21 years)
Fridays 4pm - 6pm, 9 February - 13 December
Are you ready to take the next step in your performing arts career? Then join the Performance Studio, an ensemble for the next generation of theatre makers. Hone your dramatic and comedic skills in a series of masterclass workshops that will focus on various acting techniques such as Stanislavski and Laban, as well as physical theatre skills such as stage combat, slapstick, movement and mime, whilst strengthening your voice through a close study of text. Over the course of the year, The Performance Studio ensemble will devise, write, develop, direct and act in an original 40 minute play using the mysterious fifth element; the ether, as devising stimulus. If you’re passionate about collaboratively devising new theatre work, and gaining new performance skills, then the Performance Studio is for you!
Cost: $242 ($220 Early Bird Special*)
* Use coupon code - EARLYBIRD (Expires 22nd January)


Here are some photos from the 2015 Junior & Senior Showcase - Making It!

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