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2017 workshops

As unique and individual as your child, Tantrum Youth Arts offers creative drama workshops that put young people first. Providing skills and structures that allow the exploration and expression of their own ideas, participants engage in a range of performance and theatre making activities. Afternoon workshops are available from Kindergarten to Year 12 and provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where collaboration and communication skills are learnt and individuality is celebrated.

Tantrum Youth Arts have been offering workshops for 40 years, allowing countless young people the opportunities to develop life skills such as communication, problem solving, teamwork, adaptability and creative thinking: whilst experiencing all that theatre making has to offer. More than an after-school drama program, Tantrum’s emphasis is to create new work where participants explore a variety of performance modes throughout the year, such as live and recorded performance, theatre making, scriptwriting, movement, devising, voice and sound, filmmaking, installation, improvisation and more.

Term 4 Workshops 2017

Tantrum Youth Arts Workshops begin in the second week of the school term beginning Monday 16th October!

In term 4 workshop participants will be collaboratively devising short new theatre works to be performed on the Civic Playhouse stage as part of our End of Year Showcase.

Important dates:
Dress Rehearsal - Civic Playhouse - Thursday 7 December
Showcase Performance - Civic Playhouse - Friday 8 December.
Please note: Attendance at the Dress Rehearsal and Showcase Performance is compulsory for Term 4 participants and will occur in the afternoon/evening after school.

The Time Keepers
Suitable for ages Kinder - Year 2
Mondays 4pm - 5pm, 16 October - 11 December

It’s time to have fun! In the Time Keepers workshop you’ll get to take control of time itself! Ever dreamt of being as fast as a race car? How about slowing down time and playing in slo mo? What about stopping time in its tracks? Do you have a big imagination and an even bigger amount of energy? If so, this workshop is definitely for you! Each week you will find new things to create and explore all while playing fun time themed drama games. Make your Monday magnificent with creative play, storytelling and activities that build confidence, develop communication and social skills whilst encouraging individual creativity and imagination.
Cost: $176 ($165 Early Bird Special)

Future Flight
Suitable for ages Year 3 - Year 4
Tuesdays 4pm - 5:30pm, 17 October - 12 December

What if you could travel to the future? What would you do first? In this workshop you’ll get to find out. Explore exciting, futuristic cities and sprawling space ports while learning how to develop fantastic characters and perform in epic space operas! Each week will be filled with future themed improvisation and performance activities as well as team building and confidence building exercises. Encouraging individuality and creativity, “Future Flight” workshop allows participants to explore ideas, issues and most importantly express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. If you’re ready to create fun new characters then the Future Flight Tuesday workshop is for you.
Cost: $198 ($187 Early Bird Special)

The Alternate Historians
Suitable for ages Year 7 - Year 9
Wednesdays 4pm - 6pm, 18 October - 13 December
What if the wheel had never been invented? What if the Roman Empire never fell? What if we went to Mars instead of the moon? In this workshop you get to answer these questions and more! Flex your imagination as you become an Alternate Historian and tell history your way! Develop your scene building skills by creating funny sketches and gut punching drama using alternate history as your starting point! Our workshops provide a safe, fun space for you to be yourself and learn techniques to improve your performance skills and confidence!
Cost: $242 ($220 Early Bird Special)

The Time Mechanics
Suitable for ages Year 5 - Year 6
Thursdays 4pm - 5:30pm, 19 October - 14 December

Jump in your time machine and travel back in time to explore the age of dinosaurs, the pyramids in Egypt and the saloons of the Wild West! Learn drama skills and performance techniques and use these new talents to create characters and play in amazing worlds inspired by the past. Develop skills in improvisation, storytelling, characterisation, mime and slapstick all while having lots of fun! Our workshops provide a safe and supportive environment for your creativity and imagination to run wild!
Cost: $198 ($187 Early Bird Special)

Performance Studio: End Times
Suitable for ages Year 10 + (Maximum age 21 years)
Fridays 4pm-6pm, 20 October - 15 December
The Performance Studio is the next step on your journey towards a career in the performing arts. In this ensemble based workshop you will begin the process of developing, writing, directing and acting in an amazing 45 minute play entitled End Times that will be staged at The Civic Playhouse during Term 4. This workshop is designed to suit you and you will be able to use your unique skills and talents to enhance your own experience. You’ll get to work with talented, aspiring actors and artists and gain an edge in skill areas such as movement, vocal technique, stage combat, comedy and improvisation. If you’re looking to start your career as a theatre maker and be part of a committed performance ensemble, the Performance Studio is the place for you!
Cost: $242 ($220 Early Bird Special)

Discounts are available for government issued Concession / Health Care Card holders.
Please contact for more information.

For those experiencing financial hardship, scholarships are available -

To be considered for a term scholarship, applicants must submit a filled out application to Tantrum’s Associate Director two weeks prior to the workshops commencement date. The Associate Director will assess the applications with Tantrum’s Artistic Director. One scholarship position is available for each workshop group per term. Applicants can only receive one scholarship per year.


Here are some photos from the 2015 Junior & Senior Showcase - Making It!

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